Powers of Attorney & Guardianships

Give someone authority to take actions or make decisions on your behalf.

A Continuing Power of Attorney appointing relatives, friends or professional advisers to manage your financial affairs when you are unable to can be helpful to the older client or those suffering from a disability and release them from the burden of dealing with their finances either now or in later years.

A Welfare Power of Attorney should also be drawn up either in addition to the Continuing Power of Attorney or as a separate issue to permit relatives or friends to take decisions on your personal health care or welfare when you no longer have the capacity to take such decisions yourself.

We will prepare either the Continuing or Welfare Powers of Attorney or arrange for a guardian to be appointed through the Court. If you feel that family and friends should not act in this capacity for you, one of our Partners may be willing to act in either capacity if this was felt to be appropriate. The contacts in our office here are Neil McKinlay or Ronnie Munton.

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